Udyam Saathi is broadly covering 5 categories like

  1. Entrepreneur
  2. Capital providers (Investors and Lenders)
  3. Knowledge Resources (Learn and Use)
  4. Mentor and Advisor Network
  5. Government

It has been observed that there are larger numbers of youth attracted to the self-employment as one of their cherished goals. The recent announcement of various policies and programmes by Central and State Governments is changing the mind sets of the new generation. The main constraint observed among them is availability of authentic information at one place which would enable them to take decisions. Udyam Saathi is a portal developed in keeping the basic requirements of start-ups, prospective entrepreneurs and ambitious entrepreneurs interested in expanding the business. All endeavours are being made to bring latest information on Entrepreneurship to the knowledge of self-employment seekers.

This UDYAM SAATHI portal is encompassing seven themes of MSME Eco-System which are knowledge, human capital, infrastructure, credit, common facilities, marketing, policy and governance. The themes are taken to entrepreneurs through the following tools

  • Entrepreneurship Learning Tools
  • Simple way of preparing business plan
  • Availability of suitable trainings, Seminars and workshops
  • Information of Government Policies and Programmes
  • Information of every state Directorate of Industries and Policies of that state
  • Finance Schemes for Small Businesses by Ministry of MSME
  • Finance Scheme designed by important individual banks in line with Government Policies and directives
  • Marketing information
  • Information of world class MSME-Technology Centres of M/o MSME
  • Business meets Buyer Seller Meets and Exhibitions
  • Incubation Facilities
  • Assistance for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • Assistance for Cluster Development Programmes
  • Networking and events for international business promotion
  • Mentors in business and many more facilities

Feed back of visitors and suggestions are the main source of making the site more useful.

So keep on visiting the site and enrich it by giving honest feed back.

photo of ALAK MAITY
ALAK MAITY entreprenur
photo of Jewel Kerketta
Jewel Kerketta student
photo of Shridhar Waghmare
Shridhar Waghmare entrepreneur
photo of durgesh kumar
durgesh kumar startup
photo of Debendranath Parhi
Debendranath Parhi startup
photo of Brijesh Pandey
Brijesh Pandey student
photo of Amandeep Singh Kushwaha
Amandeep Singh Kushwaha startup
photo of Gauhar raja
Gauhar raja startup
photo of Bimal Lochan Behera
Bimal Lochan Behera entreprenur
photo of Kaushik Karar
Kaushik Karar entreprenur
photo of shital  purandar upadhye
shital purandar upadhye startup
photo of Atul Saxena
Atul Saxena mentor
photo of Sandeep Jain
Sandeep Jain entreprenur
photo of Ankush choudhary
Ankush choudhary student
photo of Prosenjit Paul
Prosenjit Paul student
photo of Subhajit Ghosh
Subhajit Ghosh entreprenur
photo of vikas seth
vikas seth entrepreneur
photo of Sushil kumar
Sushil kumar startup
photo of Vijay Pareek
Vijay Pareek entreprenur
UJJWAL JAISWAL entreprenur
photo of Vaibhav chaplot
Vaibhav chaplot student
photo of Aniket chouhan
Aniket chouhan investor
photo of Simranjeet Singh
Simranjeet Singh entreprenur
photo of Dr. Ketaki Bapat
Dr. Ketaki Bapat mentor
photo of Prabhat kumar upadhyay
Prabhat kumar upadhyay entreprenur
photo of Bhushan Bagade
Bhushan Bagade startup
photo of ramvilas solanki
ramvilas solanki entreprenur
photo of Amit Kumar Marar
Amit Kumar Marar startup